Monday Men's Trio League

Starts: Monday September 20th 2021 at 7pm
29 weeks/split season

Bowl every Monday at 7:00 pm

3 man team

Each week includes:
bowling, secretarial & treasury services

Only $25.00 per person per week
End of year banquet and prize money!!!

$3000 First Place *Every team gets money back* *based on 16 teams*

Tuesday Money Ball Mixed League

Starts Tuesday September 21st 2021 at 7pm
4 person teams
15 week session
3 games of bowling
Deposits of $120 per team
$15 per week
Each bowler receives $40 at the end of the season or a brand new bowling ball.

Wednesday Sparetimers

Starts: September 22nd, 2021 at 7pm
Bowl every Wednesday at 7:00pm
4 person teams
29 weeks/split season
Every week Includes:
Secretarial &Treasury services
Only $15.00 per person
per week